Our way

My story
A little bit about the way :) in fact the whole world - history!

New beginning. The first step.)

Strangely enough, it all started with simple ideas).
I wanted to buy Manolo action figure) and then it started.)))

I began to scour the Internet in search where I can buy figurines of these characters, but unfortunately I did not find anything except FUNKO figures and some other not very remarkable figures.I wanted to find something that would fully reflect all the charm, beauty and nature of the character and atmosphere of the animation movie!

So finding nothing I left this idea for a couple of months, bur during professional practice at the University, I'm so stoked about this, that I was torn apart and it's amazing!!!
The second step.
This is indeed a step, the first steps taken by Manolo more precisely its parts, this is a very happy moment.))

In parallel, there is work both on Manolo himself, on the methodology of his production, and on the development of a business plan.))

And if I feel like doing something, that's what I do. My darling calls me craftsman or dodelisty man (a man who completes everything till the end.)

And the work was going on, from all sides: production, finance, and of course I did not forget to work out myself as an individual.)

A lot of books have been read and this has become an excellent habit, now for me business books rule..)))
The third step. Final.(:D)
So the finishing stage went... There is already a work of art. Painting, nameplates and assembly in a single unit. Elegant colors are obtained. And in general, Manolo gets a complete look.. Handsome Manolo stands up with his guitar! And sometimes runs away to play guitar..))

Now I share my story with you and try you to have your favorite heroes in your family with all my heart.

It remains to make the last step on the way to the dream, to collect the initial capital and to realize the dream!!!
Step four. We go further (: D)
The first publication on Twitter gained great popularity, as well as the following, thanks to Jorge R.Gutiérrez :)
Step Five. "Garazh.space"
We Manolo become residents in the industrial coworking garage and first steps
Step Six.
The first publications in newspapers and participation in the contest-review "Don Assembly 2017"
Step Seven. Living Talent Festival
Thanks to prom. coworking and especially Tsygankov Oleg)) we prepared and participated in the Living Talent festival in Dubai, went to the semifinals and happily spent time)
It was very pleasant to see that we and Manolo learn so far)
Step eight.
We started training the workshop in coworking, we received a part of large machine tools)

And they began preparations for the establishment of Maria Posada, I want to connect more of lovers)
Step nine.
Work in coworking is in full swing ...

Initially, they decided on installing the equipment))
Have adjusted it to work and have spent the first test tests on it) ...

Now we are waiting for the supply of the rest of the equipment and we begin the final preparation of the workshop)
Today it is all the way
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